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Past Projects

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Styckx Theatre Playground – Nati Frinj 2019

Three spectacular community performances performed within, on and off the audacious bamboo structure designed by international acclaimed artist, Simon Barley of Bambuco. 

Poppet  1 Project-136_web.jpg

Poppet Bendigo 2018

A Made In Natimuk project was a major aerial, projection, shadow, sound and light performance centred on the iconic poppet head in Rosalind Park. 


Vault – Nati Frinj 2019

A Black Hole Theatre production directed by Nancy Black. Choreography by Y Space Director Jillian Pearce. Physical Theatre Performance by Y Space- Abby Watkins, and Black Hole Theatre’s Jack …. And John…. Writer – Chi….. Sound Outlook Communications Lighting – John Willis

Dusk 1-MMP-5_web.jpg

Dusk – Nati Frinj 2017

Dusk is a spectacular performance event that changes each evening to reflect the day that was at the festival. 

Galaxias 5_web.jpg

Galaxias –
Geelong After Dark 2019

A smaller-scale version of Space and Place, Galaxias, was commissioned for Geelong After Dark 2019. 

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