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Poppet Bendigo 2018

A Made In Natimuk project was a major aerial, projection, shadow, sound and light performance centred on the iconic poppet head in Rosalind Park. 

This new incarnation of Space and Place model from 2003, was co-devised with the people of Bendigo and was one of the Regional Centre of Culture commissions, and supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria, the Capital Theatre and the City of Greater Bendigo.  

Major Partners in the project included the Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Corporation, the Golden Dragon Museum, the Bendigo Historical Society, Z Fit and CreateAbility.

Lead Artists – Jillian Pearce Y Space, Dave Jones Transiences, Mary French, Greg Pritchard, Verity Higgins
With other key creatives : Russel Goldsmith, Bec Phillips, Sam Thomas, Kate Stones, Tom Willis, Nati Access Company and Outlook Communications. 
Including over 250 community performers and co-creators from the Bendigo Community.

Training Link: credit Bendigo Aerial

Poppet 4 Project-150_web.jpg
Poppet 5 Project-77_web.jpg
Poppet 6 Project-205_web.jpg
Poppet 2 Project-195_web.jpg
Poppet  1 Project-136_web.jpg
Poppet 3 Project-129 _web.jpg
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