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Y Space Movement Inquiry

The physical theatre and aerial practice of Y Space is deeply embedded in a ground based movement inquiry. This inquiry explores the way the body physically organises itself around a point of intention.

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The Dialogue – moving across surface/structure (Climbing) and 

We explore through:

The Monologue – internal movement awareness (Feldenkrais),

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The Conversation – moving with moving bodies (Contact Improvisation). 

From this process, an internal awareness or ‘sense-ability’ evolves in the dancer/climber as their body/mind becomes more available to their movement. 

MI 6 Silo Dusk 2017 DSC_0053_Moment_web.jpg

This ‘sense-ability’ creates an observable and shared movement aesthetic that is then taken into the vertical space. 

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In this way, the ground based training creates a common aesthetic from which we create work and orientates and prepares the body/mind for the real and perceived risks of working at height.

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