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Jillian Pearce – Y Space Director

Creative producer performer established Natimuk based Y Space in 1999 to work with climbers and dancers to create work on high and iconic structures including: Silos, Coal Dredgers, Arts Centre Spire, Churches, Sky Scrapers, cliff faces, quarries, enormous bamboo structures.


Large scale productions include;

  • Colony on the Arts Centre Melbourne Spire 2002,

  • Space and Place – Nati Frinj Biennale 2003 and

  • RAA Conference Meeting Place 2004,

  • Cirque de Silo 2005,

  • Latrobe Space and Place-Commonwealth Games 2006 and Poppet Bendigo-State Government Commission for Regional Centre of Culture 2018;


All involving between 100 – 250 Community participants.


Other projects of similar scale include;

  • the opening of the Elements -Kowloon Hong Kong, 2007; performer for Insite Arts Advent Calendars in Federation Square 2006-09,

  • Rehearsal director with Y Space in Highly Strung (produced by Dave Jones/Transience 2011 and

  • Murtoas Stick Shed 2019) and

  • Choreographer for Kate Pengellys Feeling the Ceiling in 2011 and

  • Black Hole Theatre’s Vault in 2019.


Freelance direction includes;

  • Strange Fruit/Art Is … Festival Flock,

  • Dookie Earthed Small Town Transformation Project 2014,

  • Ansett Aflight Hamilton 2016 and

  • Swanhill ‘s Fairfax Festival 2015 and 2016.


Before moving to Natimuk, as a performer she toured nationally with desoxy theatre, and internationally with NYID. She established, co-directed Melbourne based Big Fish Dance/Dance Compass Melbourne 1995-1999. Since 1999, she has toured internationally with Bambuco as choreographer, constructor and performer. She commissioned Bambuco director Simon Barley to design a performance structure for Y Space – Known as Styckx Theatre has seen 4 developments including: Balmoral Arts Festival, Arts House Melbourne in 2008 and GAS LAB Natimuk in 2009 and most recently Nati Frunj Festival 2019. Y Space continue to explore movement inquiry, training and performance on and around bespoke bamboo structures.

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