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Present Projects

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PhoneHeads Horsham –
CreateA and Y Space

PhoneHeads is a dance and movement performance created by the CreateA Ensemble first performed at Bendigo Art Gallery in December 2019 and will be presented with local performers for this year’s Art is… Festival.

Workshop 4 Dialogue-Moving across Surface DSC_0104_web.jpg

Grounded in Flight – Training for the Air

Y Space  Grounded in Flight – Training for the Air - The physical theatre and aerial practice of Y Space is deeply embedded in a ground based movement inquiry that takes us into working in the vertical.

Tile imageDSC_0464_web.jpg

Exquisit Nati Frinj 2021

Exquisit Nati frinj 2021 Y Space works with Nati Frinj Festival, Nati Access and the Australian Highlining/Slacklining community to design 3 Exquisit moments on 3 separate bamboo structures.

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