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PhoneHeads Horsham –
CreateA and Y Space

Postponed due to Covid 19 Restrictions.
Sometimes we are in our own little world when we use technology, just like mobile phones. Sometimes we are trying to reach out to others and tell them something important.

PhoneHeads is a dance and movement performance created by the CreateA Ensemble first performed at Bendigo Art Gallery in December 2019 and will be presented with local performers for this year’s Art is… Festival.

PhoneHeads explores how we can inhabit different head-spaces whilst sharing the same physical space, and how this impacts on privacy. It explores how the use of digital media in public spaces allows us to shift into our own private experience whilst sharing space with the wider community. With the use of smart phones, ear buds and headphones, the gestures of private communication are now made public, part of our streetscape and landscape. At any given time we can be privy to one side of a conversation that would once have been conducted in the privacy of an office or lounge room, witness to the expressive gestures that are a natural part of communication. As we spend most of our time in transit, looking at our phone screens, we miss the details of our outside environment. Outside and inside spaces become confused.


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