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Dusk – Nati Frinj 2017

Dusk is a spectacular performance event that changes each evening to reflect the day that was at the festival.  


“Dusk aerial dance was like a memorable, unforgettable dream."  Nati Frinj Festival Punter 2017

Dusk places the unique performance language of interactive projections, aerial antics, stunning Shadow play and live music, into the hands of the festival and it’s audience to co-create a performance that changes each evening to reflect their experience of their day at their Festival on their iconic structure. Dusk becomes a tool for the host festival to directly communicate with it’s attendees that is co owned by all those who accept the invitation to participate. 

Major Presenting Partners: Nati Frinj Festival/ACT Natimuk, Horsham Town Hall.

Funded through: Creative Victoria, Horsham Town Hall, Donations through the Australian Cultural Fund.

What is Dusk:

Dusk for Tour

Dusk 7 -MMP-12_web.jpg
Dusk 3 Animation by Transience Dave Jones-MMP-15_web.jpg
Dusk 2 Nati Frinj 2017 - major partner ner-MMP-19_web.jpg
Dusk 9 The talking Moon in action -MMP-14_web.jpg
Dusk 8 The Moon Live Edwin Irvine-MMP-2_web.jpg
Dusk 1-MMP-5_web.jpg
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