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Grounded in Flight –
Training for the Air

Y Space  Grounded in Flight – Training for the Air – The physical theatre and aerial practice of Y Space is deeply embedded in a ground based movement inquiry that takes us into working in the vertical.


Explore both through participating in the next Grounded in Flight – Training for the Air 4 day workshop that occurs every school holidays across Autumn and Spring.


Standby for 2021-22 schedule.

Workshop 7 Conversation-Moving with moving bodiesDSC_0045_web.jpg
MI 2 DSC_0100_web.jpg
MI 3 DSC_0140_web.jpg
MI 1 DSC_0149_web.jpg
Workshop 8 Conversation-Moving with moving bodiesDSC_0079_web.jpg
Workshop 10 Into Physical Theatre_web.jpg
Workshop 9 Into Aerial Dance_web.jpg
Workshop 6 Conversation-Moving with moving bodies DSC_0134_web.jpg
Workshop 3 Monologue- Internal Movement Awareness_web.jpg
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